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Offertory Gifts
If you wish to bring up the gifts at the offertory procession, you are encouraged to do so! This is true especially if you have requested the Mass; please see one of the ushers when you arrive in church so that they make sure you have the opportunity bring up the gifts. Please be conscious of having reverent, modest attire when bringing up the gifts.

Cry Room
Everyone is encouraged to remember that the cry room is for babies and young children who are not able to be present in the main body of the church. Please be sensitive in recognizing that space is limited in the cry room and it is not for adults who are ill and/or for those who do not wish to sit in the main body of the Church. If you are too ill to come to Mass, the Lord understands, it is better to stay home than to possibly expose vulnerable babies and children to illness.

The Most Holy Eucharist for the Handicapped/Elderly
There is no need for those who come to Mass and have difficulty walking to come to the front to receive the Holy Eucharist, unless you wish to do so. At every Mass, Holy Communion will be brought to the handicapped section at the middle of the church. It is most helpful to the priests if those who need the Holy Eucharist brought to them, sit in the special section in the middle. But if you can’t, please mention to an usher that you need to have the Holy Eucharist brought to you if you are sitting in a section other than the handicapped section.

Please use all lines for receiving The Most Holy Eucharist
In order to maintain the flow and greatly help in the reverent and orderly reception of our Lord, those coming up the center aisle to receive the Most Holy Eucharist are encouraged to use all four stations in the front when present.

God bless you, Father Joseph Byerley
Youth Ministry Update!

Hello everyone, it’s Jeffrey Shields the New Director of Youth Ministry for the Saint Rose of Lima Parish!

I am so excited to be joining your parish community, and I look forward to working with you and your families to build a thriving culture of Youth Ministry at Saint Rose of Lima!

This coming August we’ll be kicking off an interactive platform of high school and middle school Youth Ministry, and we need your input! Please consider filling out and turning in the Youth Survey at the back of the Church so we can get your feedback on upcoming youth programs!

Save the Date:
Junior Youth Ministry Kick Off 6th-8th  
Friday August 25th 4:30pm-7:00pm

Senior Youth Ministry Kick Off 9th12th
Wednesday, August 30th 4:30pm-7:00pm

Core Teams: St. Rose of Lima Office of Youth Ministry is looking for Energetic and Thoughtful Youth in high school and middle school to help plan our kickoff events! 

For more information contact the office of Youth Ministry @ 856-723-4405

These youngsters were recently baptized here at St. Rose and we welcome them:
Travis Christopher Cadas
Peyton Claire Quinn
Grace Elizabeth DeRisi
Trent Michael Burns
Domenica Alice Massa
Delaney Mae Smith
Dylan Christopher Jecmen
Emilia Louise Jacmen
Abigail Rose Jecmen
Nathaniel William Diaz
Victoria Susan Classick
Bryn Joanne Atwell
Timothy Leo McMenamin
Benjamin Michael Linneman
William J Naphys IV
Tucker Jon Egbert
Annelise Maista
Finley Rae Puskas
Anastasia Leigh Tralie
Robert Ernest Mehmet, IV
Lincoln Robert Cummings
Adriana Aquino
We also welcome these people who have recently registered as new members of our Parish:
Maureen & Michael Sullivan
Barbara Varela
Natale & Maggie Bauducco
Thomas & Candice Gorman and their children 
Riley and Camryn
Joseph & Patty Capperella and their children Roman, Jude and Celia
Janette Scardillo
Omiel Sellier
Barbara & William Badaracca and daughters Ava & Emma
Jolanta & Kevin McAvoy
Jennifer & Matthew Kruc and son Jason
Theresa Reilly and son Colin
Brynlee Eckert and daughter Kennedy McDermott
Romel & Phadia Cadas and son Travis
Linda Di Giovanni
Zachary & Danielle Trucksess
Michael & Lauren Jenner
Neil & Laura Spencer
Christina & Richard Cusack
Nicole Brothman and children Olivia.
 Abigail Beetle and Dominic Gentile
Mark Cavallo
Lisa Marie Rivera and children Amaya & Hector Gabriel Rivera
Marisa Rivera
Edward & Marianne Trout
Timothy Trout
Daniel & Amy Debus and children Savannah and Logan
Drs. Jeffrey & Amanda Moon and son Jackson and Lucas

We are seeking Teachers and Teacher Aides
Grades 1 – 5
Mondays Sept - May
Day Session: 3:45 – 5:00 pm
We invite you to prayerfully consider if Jesus is asking you to ‘come and follow Me’ in this beautiful mission serving his children… If so, please contact us: Religious Ed Office
546-9326 /

We are looking to develop more faith formation support for our families with children who have special needs; volunteers would assist generally with ongoing faith formation and with their preparation for Sacraments.
We invite you to prayerfully consider if Jesus is asking you to ‘come and follow Me’ in this beautiful mission serving his children… If so, please contact us: Religious Ed Office 546-9326 /
The Social Action Cooking Committee is looking for volunteers to prepare and deliver dinner to parishioners who are recovering from illness or surgery. Time commitment is minimal...we try to ask no more than once a month. 
If you are interested please contact Peggy Feld at
St. Rose Youth Ministry & the Social Action Committee
are teaming up to collect much needed items for 
Good Counsel Homes
We are looking to collect and then distribute the much needed items below:

Would you be able to help?

Socks/ PJ’s Onesies 
Toddler Clothing
Diapers (esp sz 3-6) 
Trash Bags 
Paper Towels 
Toddler Food 
Toddler Plates/bowls
Baby Formula (Enfamil) 
Baby Food 
Baby Bottles
Baby Bowls/utensils 
Sippy Cups
Bath products
Washcloths Towels 
Nursing Pads
Good Counsel does accept monetary donations (in the form of cash or a check) made out to: Good Counsel (write South Jersey Home in memo section of check)
Rosebud Academy is Hiring
We are looking for an additional aide position and always in search of additional substitute teachers. 
Please email your resume to our Director, Mrs. Maureen Mattson @

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